There are a lot of plumbing myths that have already deceived the public. Thus, you should read this article and the start believing in the necessity of emergency plumbers once again. Don’t let the myths below fool you and know the truth about them by reading the paragraphs below.


Myth: As a homeowner, I am totally helpless when the heavy rain creates a huge flood inside my home.


Truth: Flood is something that you can certainly avoid from happening inside your home. You just have to call some emergency plumbers for this matter and allow them to install preventive fixtures inside your humble abode.


Myth: Drain cleaners are the safest products to use when it comes to clearing the pipes inside my home. They can ensure that my bathroom and kitchen sink drains would be efficient in the years to come and that they won’t get clogged over and over again.


Truth:Drain cleaners can make your pipes turn brittle. They contain corrosive chemicals and they can easily turn the inside of your pipes into dust. They can do more harm to your plumbing system than you can ever imagine. These are the reasons why you would never find your local plumbers bringing drain cleaners in their moving vans.


Moreover, drain cleaners are not as effective as they claim to be. They are not the solution to major drain blocks. They can cause your pipes to break. When that happens, you can expect your plumbers to charge you more than a simple plumbing repair and you would also find yourself purchasing new pipes from your local hardware store. So, never buy drain cleaners unless they are not strong enough to damage most of your plumbing system.


Myth: Even if I get the hair follicles in my sink, my drain would still get clogged over time.


Truth: Most clogged drains happen due to the hair in your pipeline. Thus, you should do the exact opposite of the myth mentioned above. You must do your best in making sure that hair doesn’t enter your plumbing system. Otherwise, you would already need to call some emergency plumbers to get your drain in proper working condition again.